What Is Concrete Scanning – And Do I Need It?

Concrete scanning has become incredibly popular in recent times. It uses one or more types of non-destructive technology for scanning concrete. It includes gpr scanning melbourne (Concrete-Specific Ground Penetrating Radar), a ferroscan instrument, a cover meter, or even ultrasonic scanning equipment. All of these tools are capable of penetrating the ground to locate anomalies and objects within a specified range of depth.

Highly experienced engineers are able to interpret these anomalies. They are professionals who know how to tell what lies underneath. Thus, they are extremely important, especially when it comes to avoiding work on certain sites using a reinforcement scanner melbourne.

The advanced technology today allows you to go deeper than ever before. No matter which methodology you select, scanning is a rather quick and painless process. It provides you with access to see what is on the other side of the concrete. It offers real-time images on-site.

Most of the time, the scans can be easily exported to various software programs such as CAD and Word. This allows the operator to create an intuitive and user-friendly report. The report can then be used to highlight what is hidden under the concrete. By using concrete scanning, it is possible to locate reinforcing cables, steel, and other items. In addition to this, it allows for one to analyze the nature of the structure itself to check for voids, cracks, and faults within the material. The information obtained can be used to gain valuable insights into the thickness, density, and strength of the concrete.

Why Do I Need Concrete Scanning?

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Concrete scanning is widely used across a huge range of projects including renovations that involve the coring or cutting of concrete slabs. Before carrying out any task, it is crucial to know what is underneath the structure. Hence, concrete scanning is vital.

For instance, if cutting concrete into a slab, there is a possibility that the construction workers might accidentally cut through a utility, reinforcement, or cable. This can prove costly and can result in serious consequences. The cost of repairs could be very high and the negative effects would affect your performance. Thus, your valuable resources would be reduced.

If there is a cable that is buried underneath a slab which is under tension, it could potentially injure construction workers when released. Concrete scanning provides a highly detailed image which can be used to analyze the site before working.  

Similarly, if there is an electrical cable that gets damaged, it would cause serious harm to the construction workers. It would also disrupt electrical supply and delay the completion of the project. The scanning of concrete also allows for structural voids and faults to be identified. Remedial repairs might also be required to minimize any potential impact. Getting a full picture is always a better idea.


Once you have completed reading this post, you will know everything about concrete scanning. If you want to make sure that the work goes smoothly, you need to ensure concrete scanning.

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