How to Choose Ducted Vs Split System Air Conditioning?

If you live a city where the weather changes quickly within the same day, it is important that you are prepared for those extremities. Chances are that you are considering either getting ducted air conditioning or splitting system air conditioning. Since both have something to offer, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. However, there is no need to worry as we have got you covered. This post aims to help you make the final decision.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

To choose between air conditioning rosanna and split system air conditioning, you need to learn more about ducted air conditioning. In the simplest of words, it is an air conditioning system that relies on the ducted system in your house to work. The rooftop would accommodate the central fan coil unit which would be connected to a series of ducts that would bring cooled air into your home. The outdoor unit that is placed outside would be quite large. There would also be a need to install a thermostat to ensure control over the system. The latest systems provide you with control over the temperature in each room.

What Is Split System Air Conditioning?

Similar to the ducted air conditioning preston system, the split system air conditioning also makes use of two main units. The required air temperature is dispersed into the house through the internal unit. As for the external unit, it draws in air from the outside and adjusts the temperature. A single internal unit would not be sufficient to cool beyond an enclosed space. Thus, you would require additional units.   

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Key Differences between Ducted and Split System Air Conditioning

1. Installation

To better understand the key differences between the two systems, it is important to start from installation. More effort is required to install ducted air conditioning rosanna. Only a specialist can install it. Besides this, your home needs to be suitable for the system. Moreover, you also need to be willing to spend more money upfront. Expect to pay around $8,000 and the cost will increase depending on the size of your home. On the other hand, a split system is much more affordable to install. It can be installed in the room that requires it. Units cost around $2,000 to $3,000.

2. Ongoing Cost

When we look at ongoing cost, split systems also do well as they run on individual basis. This means that the running costs would be much less in comparison to a ducted system. But, zoning ducted air conditioning would help minimize running costs.

3. Effectiveness

If you have a small room that requires cooling, a split system would be more effective. For a larger room, you would require a larger unit. On the other hand, ducted air conditioning does a better job at covering a larger area.

4. Noise

Finally, noise is something that one cannot ignore. Noise issues have reduced with the progress in technology. However, ducted air conditioning units are a lot quieter than split systems.

Once you have finished reading this post, you will be able to decide which type of air conditioning system to opt for.