Wedding Catering is as Unique as the People Sharing Nuptials

Sharing a wedding feast with guests after the nuptials is a tradition with its roots in antiquity. Wedding catering & menus in Melbourne is a specialty field with venues and menus as varied as the couples that marry and traditions have changed with the times, along with the influence of celebrities.

There’s no such thing as “traditional” anymore, with brides and grooms forging their own path and inserting their own ideas in their choice of food, entertainments and venues. Unlike receptions of the past, modern couples are far more likely to celebrate longer and incorporate entertainments as part of the party. Wedding catering today is able to accommodate a comprehensive array of requests and themes that celebrate a specific culture, hobbies or fantasies.

One thing that doesn’t change is a couple’s desire to celebrate in elegant, sophisticated venues. Wedding caterers are no longer simply the providers of food. They’re full-service event management, hospitality and entertainment companies that cater to every desire. Today’s Melbourne wedding venues can include galleries and museums, wineries and breweries, elite clubs and world-class resorts, along with historic structures.

In days gone by, each food had a legend and specific purpose for the happy couple to ensure attributes ranging from fertility to prosperity. Today’s chef-created menus can feature formal dining to finger food catering melbourne and spit roasts, with accommodations for vegans, those with allergies, ethnic dishes, and dishes that conform to specific religious principles.

Food is a main event at weddings and couples can choose from pre-selected menus offered by the gourmet catering melbourne or create their own. Couples are celebrating their marriage with mini pizzas, chicken and waffles, pie pops and BBQs, along with gourmet wood-fired offerings prepared on-site. A new trend that’s gaining in popularity features a selection of desserts rather than the typical fare. Beverage packages range from beer and wine to spirits.

Wedding catering in Melbourne can be a celebration of simple elegance or one in which guests are invited to participate in unique entertainments. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to modern weddings and couples can celebrate in ways that will have their guests talking for years to come.

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