The Process of a House Knockdown Rebuild

If you’re planning to knock down your existing house and build a new one on the same site, there are a few things you should know before you begin. First, you need to get a demolition permit from your local council. Next, you’ll need an asset protection permit. The council will give you a list of requirements for approval and will also list heritage properties, which they won’t allow you to knock down.

Building a new home on the same site

The process of knocking down a home and then rebuilding on the same site is called knockdown rebuilding. This type of development can be highly profitable, as it is an environmentally friendly option for developers and buyers. A knockdown rebuild can also save massive amounts of money when compared to buying a new home.

The knockdown rebuild process can take months to complete. This includes purchasing property, getting planning permission, and demolishing the existing house. The process is also less expensive than purchasing new land and saving stamp duty. It’s the first choice for homeowners looking to renovate and update their home.

When deciding whether to knock down or rebuild a house, take into account the size, design, and complexity of the build. Demolition of a home can cost between $10,000 and $15,000, and construction of a new home can cost up to $473,000.

Getting a demolition permit

If you’re planning to knock down and rebuild a home, getting a demolition permit and building approval are essential to your project. Depending on where you live, you may need to secure additional permits, such as those for tree preservation or erosion control. Generally, a demolition permit will cost $50-$100.

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The first step is to check with your local government. There are regulations governing demolition, and you can only get one if you’re a licensed contractor. The regulations vary from town to town, but the purpose is to protect the community. If you fail to follow the rules, you could face fines and even losing your contractor’s license. It’s also important to communicate with your neighbors about your plans. Demolition can improve the value of your home, so make sure they know beforehand.

Another important step is to get council approval. If the property has multiple structures, you will need to get separate permits for each one. You’ll also need to acquire plumbing permits and grading plans for the new structures. Additionally, different types of structures require different inspections and criteria, and different municipalities have different provisions.

Construction timeframe

The construction timeframe for a knockdown rebuild will depend on a number of factors, including the number of workers and permits required. Additionally, the condition of the site and weather conditions can affect the timeframe. For example, an old house on bad ground can take longer to demolish. Having a large crew on hand to work around the clock can speed up the project.

The knockdown process can take several months to complete. However, it is worth the wait for the transformation that can happen in your home. A certified home builder can help you through the knockdown process.


Building a new home from scratch can be a daunting prospect. While renovations may look less daunting, the team at South Gippsland Homes say there are hidden costs associated with knockdown rebuilds. There is also an increased risk of unforeseen costs associated with a rebuild. However, there are several advantages to knockdown rebuilds. For example, they usually result in lower maintenance costs, as the new house is likely to feature new wiring, appliances, and structure. You can also save money by having a removal company take the old house and remodel it before leaving your property. In some cases, the removal company may even sell the house before it leaves your property, saving you from demolition costs.

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The costs of a house knockdown rebuild can vary depending on the size of the home. The cost of removing the existing home may include the value of the surrounding land. However, if you choose to rebuild on the same piece of land, the costs can be much lower than those of removing the old home. In addition, the costs may be higher if the old house is old and has a number of expensive or difficult to replace features.

Designing your new home

If you have decided to build a new home, the first step is to get planning permission for the project. This is vital as your project must be approved before it can be started. The local council is usually given 60 days to approve or reject the project. In some cases, planning permits can take even longer. It is therefore imperative that you allow enough time for the process. Without planning permission, you could face stop-work orders or fines.

A professional knockdown rebuild specialist will have extensive experience in planning and getting council approval. This person will have detailed knowledge of council regulations and will also help you to organise permits and approvals. It is also advisable to take professional advice to avoid mistakes during the project.

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