Timber Vanities – Why should you choose them for your bathroom?

Believe it or not, we all look for a luxury bathroom before the rooms while purchasing a new house. You see, it is the only room where you are all alone and receive some me time. Those 5 minutes you spare for yourself mostly engage the looks at the infrastructure of the bathroom. How beautifully everything is designed and displayed.

Previously cement and marble were considered as the most lavish manufacturing materials for bathroom constructions however, today timber has taken the lead and is found in almost every newly constructed home, making timber bathroom vanities Melbourne a very popular option.

Is Timber good friends with water?

The main concern for construction of a bathroom is that the material used should not be affected by water and can be durable for long. Solid timber vanities Melbourne if finished and polished properly will be quite water repellant and will not get damaged. A plastic layer is placed on vanity materials which form a barrier against water and entirely block water from entering. However, if by any chance this plastic coating wears off then there are possibilities that it can disrupt the parent material.  This can eventually lead to staining and can cause the timber to smash.

How can the surface be renewed?

Timber unlike other materials can be resurfaced and refurbished. An additional layer of natural oil or wax can be given to timber benchtops Melbourne to give a new look.

Customize your vanity

What’s more fascinating than creating a vanity of your own choice! Timber vanities can be customised according to the type you want. For instance, if you have a spacious area then you can enlarge the size of your basin or bath tub. In cases where there is no sufficient space or a bathroom is not big enough, then your simultaneously reduce the size of all the sanitary ware. A touch of high drawers and chest made out of wood can also give a classy look to your restroom.  There are a number of different timber options available such as Blackbutt Timber vanities, Messmate Timber vanities and Spotted Gum Timber vanities as well as modern designs including Panelled vanities, Ultramatt vanities and Shaker vanities.

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The evolution of floating vanity

Floating vanity is the new normal these days. It is very trending and gives a restroom a luxurious look. Hotels and guests house often use floating vanity as it attracts many customers because of its beauty and elegance. A touch of studs and mild cravings go flawless with the timber wood. If you are fond of mirrors, then just pair them up with a solid timber benchtop. The glossier the timber the classy your restroom will look like.

It is not very important for everyone to like timber vanity. On the contrary, many people may not even find it affordable but timber is worth the investment. It is just a one time buy product which will be durable and long-lasting for years. Recreate the new look of your bathroom and relax in a bubble bath. You will feel your stress and tensions getting unwind. Back in the olden days people used to spend times in the washroom if they are distressed. The timber vanities will also give you the same feeling as how can get in a spa or you can say, you can build your own spa!