Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

No matter how careful you are, clogged drains can occur. They tend to be nasty and can make your life miserable. Not only are they a huge inconvenience, but they are extremely unhygienic. The last thing you need is your home being filled with bacteria and germs. Besides, the odor caused by blocked drains thomastown can ruin your day. If you are wondering why your drains are blocked, you have come to the right place. The following reasons tend to cause drain blockage.

1. Hair

Hair build-up is one of the main causes of drain blockage. As hair starts to build, it clogs the drain. This is why it is important to remove your hair every time you shower or are using the sink. It is not that difficult to avoid hair build-up.

2. Plants and Dirt

Another reason why you have blocked drains bundoora could be because of plants and dirt. Dirt, shrubs, and trees can get in the way. They prevent the water drains from working at full capacity. Garden maintenance helps keep the outdoor area look its best. It is crucial for keeping the pipes and drains working productively. Besides just leaves, roots from trees tend to grow underneath and end up straight into the drain.

3. Grease Build-Up

Similar to hair, grease build-up can also lead to drain blockage. If you do not clean grease and fat, the sink will be unable to perform. The fatty substances block the drains and can be a huge nuisance to get rid of. If you fail to act fast, there will come a point that liquid will be unable to pass.

4. Toiletries

There are some people who have a bad habit of disposing their toiletries down the drain. This can cause a great deal of problem in the pipes and sewers. Some of the most commonly disposed items include baby wipes and nappies. They block the entire drain if flushed. Since the items absorb moisture, they enlarge upon getting immersed in water.

5. Heavy Rain

The wet season can take a toll on the drains. When heavy rain falls, floods become a reality. As drains are not capable of handling such weather, water will start to build up and the gutters will start to overflow with water. There is bound to be a blockage which requires clearing out.

6. Broken Pipes

General wear and tear can cause the pipes to break. Once the pipe starts to fracture, blockages become more common. If you cannot see a broken pipe, it would be difficult for you to diagnose it. Hence, you will need the help of expert thomastown plumbers to deal with the issue.

7. Foreign Objects

Finally, drains also get blocked when foreign objects are disposed. From electronic waste to sanitary items, food build-up, and children’s toys, it is quite common for foreign objects to drop down the drain and cause a blockage.


Once you have gone over this post, you will know the main reasons why drains get blocked.

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