Popular Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

These days, homeowners are enthusiastic about setting up their places and designing them every once in a while, to bring change in their lives and go along with the latest trends. Most of the people refresh little or more of their home spaces as much as they can among which restyling of kitchens or interior decoration top the list.

To design them according to the latest trends, this article is here to guide you all about what’s in this year.

Interior designers have recommended going to kitchen basics and minimalism in terms of design to get that modern yet organized style; especially with the use of Scandinavian solid timber stools online, Scandinavian & mid century dining chairs and solid timber dining tables for sale. Following kitchen trends are bound to keep you in the fashion race as well as give your kitchen a beautiful makeover.

Hidden Storage Spaces
According to property stylists, the clients have a high demand of implementing the idea of concealed storage spaces as they give a clean impression of the kitchen, as well as broaden the space of the kitchen in terms of their look. This is one of the best trends as it stores your items in place and keeps your kitchen clean.

Glass and Metal Shelves
This year, the wooden cabinets above your kitchen stove have been replaced with open glass and metal shelves. These shelves are inspired by the retail stores as they give a clean look as well as make the items stand out a little. The kitchen cabinets have become a cliché, and open shelves are here to give you an option.

Vintage Vibe
Vintage aesthetics are all the rage this season, and especially when it comes to kitchen trends. Since the modern designs have become a bit too common, vintage vibes are taking place again with natural stones, honey and rose tones, any printed curtains and even lighting – often using Scandinavian & mid century inspired furniture for sale.

Nature all the Way
Because of the modernization of nearly everything in the world, people are craving for nature back in their homes. When it comes to kitchen renovation, this season you can go for the raw side of nature and combine it with the modern essence. You can go back to the basics, use wood, jute, stones and canes to use in your kitchen and decorate them.

Vibrant-coloured Cabinets
A lot of people are fond of subtle colours in their kitchen cabinets or solid timber sideboards and display cabinets online as it gives them an airy look. Most common among these are white and grey cabinets. But in 2019, these cabinets are to be re-panted with vibrant colours! Use bright colours for your cabinets so that not only it changes the mood of your kitchen space, but also boosts your energy.

Contrasting Colour Schemes
Contrasting colour schemes are back this year to take place of the minimalistic one-coloured kitchen aesthetics -especially Scandinavian furniture. You can think of fun combinations, match them to your metal or wood colours as well and set a tone for your kitchen which is fresh yet aesthetic; you can always contact a residential interior designer for advise. Create a palette in your mind, usually contrasting colours involve a bright and a subtle colour which works best for places like the kitchen.

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