Enhance Your Home’s Security With Professional Garage Door Services

Home security is a top priority for many homeowners, and a well-functioning garage door can help deter burglars. An upgraded garage door can also be integrated with your home’s security system for added peace of mind.

Professional installers adhere to building codes, which reduces the risk of electrical hazards and other safety issues. They are familiar with local regulations and can facilitate inspections to ensure compliance.

1. Landscaping

Homeowners may think the best security starts with installing home alarm systems, setting lights on timers while they’re away and locking their doors and windows, but some of the most important security steps start outside their homes. Landscaping can help deter burglars and other intruders by making it difficult to access the property and hide from sight.

Trimming bushes and minimizing hiding spots is an easy way to improve home security. Thieves like to hide under overgrown bushes to break in without being noticed, so make sure you keep them trimmed and neat.

Planting prickly or thorny shrubs near first-floor windows can also serve as a natural barrier to entry, helping to discourage potential intruders. HGTV recommends placing rose bushes or other thorny variations near first-floor windows to create a “first line of defense.”

Other landscaping features can improve security, as well. Installing motion-sensor lighting around the exterior of the home will turn on when someone approaches, surprising and scaring off any intruders. Adding floodlights in dark areas of the yard can also help deter criminal activity by illuminating any suspicious activity.

2. Gates

Professionals¬†have up-to-date knowledge of various garage door technologies and upgrades, ensuring that you are using the most effective security features for your home. They can also advise you on design options, enhancing your home’s aesthetics while providing improved functionality. Moreover, they can help you preserve your warranty by ensuring that any repairs and maintenance comply with the terms of the contract

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Garage doors are complex systems that require regular maintenance and lubrication in order to function properly. When these South Morang servicing & repairs tasks are done by professionals, they can prevent small issues from deteriorating into major problems and reduce overall costs.

It may seem counterintuitive to hire professionals garage door servicing and repairs when it comes to your garage door, but doing so is a smart decision. They save you time, money, and frustration by handling all of your installation and repair needs in a timely manner. Plus, they often come with warranties and guarantees that provide you with peace of mind and protection in case any problems occur. So, next time you need a professional, don’t hesitate to call! You’ll be glad you did.

3. Security Cameras

A fortified garage is one of the first line of defense in any home. It’s a common entry point for burglars and can reduce your insurance premiums. Adding security cameras is one of the most cost-effective and effective ways to enhance your garage’s protection.

Expert Tip

Look for cameras that connect with your existing home security system, offering a seamless integration. Consider the camera’s resolution, whether it offers night vision and cloud storage, and if it has a history of security breaches.

Install a deadbolt on the door leading from your garage to the rest of your house. This is a good idea regardless of whether you have an automatic garage door.

Burglars often scope out your property to see what they can steal, so it’s a good idea to use blinds or frosted window clings. If your garage door has an emergency cord, consider shortening it or putting up a shield blocker to make it more difficult for robbers to access the cable. Also, put up motion triggered floodlights to give the appearance that you are always home and deter robbery.

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4. Locks

While many homeowners take extensive measures to secure their front and back doors, they often overlook the importance of garage security. The garage is frequently the first entry point for experienced burglars, making its security crucial for overall home safety. By installing roller garage door security locks from PDS Garage Doors (pdsgaragedoors.com.au) and combining them with security cameras and alarm systems, you can create a formidable barrier against intruders and significantly enhance your home’s security.

Security experts recommend integrating security measures into a holistic system to deter criminals and provide valuable surveillance footage should an intruder attempt to breach your garage. Depending on the needs of your property, this may include installing deadbolts that are reinforced to resist forceful breach attempts or wireless keyless entries that utilize codes or biometric access (like fingerprint ID) for convenient and secure access for family members, guests and service providers.

For added protection, make sure to regularly inspect your garage door and its mechanisms for signs of tampering. This will allow you to spot any issues quickly and foil any plans that crooks might have been making.

5. Security Alarms

A security alarm system includes a control panel, sensor devices that detect intrusions and alerting devices (usually bells or sirens). It also contains the equipment to communicate with a central monitoring station, either through a phone line, broadband Internet, cellular signal or a combination of these.

The control panel is the brain of the system and reads all sensors’ input. The panel tracks arm/disarm status and transmits the alarm if the sensors are triggered. The alarm can also trigger strobe lights and other devices to alert neighbors to the event. Many systems have speaker phones that let the monitor talk to an intruder and can send out emergency response units.

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An alarm system is divided into zones, with each zone consisting of distinct areas monitored by individual detectors. This enables users to set unique arming and disarming schedules for each zone. A typical system uses PIR motion detectors that can “see” an intruder by sensing the rapid fluctuations in infrared energy emitted by their body heat. The sensors trigger an alarm when the sudden infusion of energy disrupts the steady flow of infrared energy in the area.

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