Solar panel Bird Proofing

Electricity has become one of the most prominent facility in day to day life. Without electrical energy nothing is possible because, everything the human runs in the world in the name of technology needs electricity. But the various forms of conventional electricity has run out of the control and the humans are finding some new technology to redeem electricity. Yes, the solar energy is one of the renewable energy that the man found out as an effective alternative for the draining conventional energy. Solar energy is extracted by putting the solar panels in the consecutive way in the sunlight in which sun light is converted into electrical energy. But there are some distraction in the open space for effective functioning of the solar energy. One such deterence is the birds damaging the solar panels.

Why are Birds attracted to solar panels?

Birds in the urban surroundings do not have enough trees to rest and roost and make nest. But these solar panels are so compactly arranged and give a good feeling for the birds in the urban ambience. There they rest and roost and also leave their faeces which create a foul and stint smell all over the place. Also, the birds try to create a nest in the compact spaces of the solar plants thereby making the entire place debris. So, this needs a cleaning cost which further increase the maintenance cost of the solar plant. These are some of the reasons why solar panels should be kept out of birds as it would disrupt the entire power production. Further some of the birds will be scratching the cable wires connecting to the main line thereby creating a huge turbulence. In order to curb that, the technical specialists has come up with a great idea of keeping the birds out of the reach of solar panels. The technique is the Solar panels Bird proofing technique.

What is Solar panel Bird proofing?

The name itself suggests about the character of the technique. Yes it is mainly to prevent birds destroying the solar panels increasing the maintenance costs. Further the solar panel proofing is mainly focused towards reducing the basic maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of the solar grids thereby producing more electricity to the transmission line. This is the technique which is followed widely to prevent the distraction of the solar panels from electricity. Let us know about the methods of installation and benefits.


There are many methods of solar panel bird proofing Diamond Valley but the most prominent and the most usable technique is the Mesh proofing of the solar panels. This technique involves some uniqueness in preventing the birds from attacking the solar panels. That is,
This method is most probably invisible while seen from the ground.
Also, they can be set up without any form of negative effect to the solar panels during the installation, say like drilling etc…
This method involves the clip production technique in which the solar panels are not scratched because of installation as they are held by the clip.
If the service is need to be done, this can be easily removed during the service and re attached. This actually works like the mosquito prevention net near the windows. The only difference is the use of welgrow for mosquito nets and the clip protection for the solar panels.
These are the important features of the Mesh protection technique which will be protecting the solar panels from birds thereby improving the efficiency. This protection technique also provides safety and relief from higher maintenance charges.

Benefits of installation:

This solar panel bird proofing technique provides certain benefits. They are
They protect the solar panels from pest birds, their nesting and roosting.
They also protect the solar panels from being affected due to rain.
The technique helps in preventing the build up of the leaf litter.
The wiring is safe from damage as the birds are prevented to get in to the solar panel.
Delicate reduction in the maintenance costs and hence the efficiency can be increased.
It fits for all types of roofing material as some of the methods do not adopt to the roofing material. Therefore the installation costs will also be in check.
Invisibility from the ground gives a smooth appearance rather than a clumsy and awkward look.

Cost comparision:

Yes it is more important to protect the solar panels which we put enough effort and money to buy. The solar panels costs nearly 30,000 dollars and it needs to be protected by efficient methods. The proofing of the solar panels will not cost as much as the solar panel cost. It costs nearly $450 which is cheaper but reliable content for the solar panel protection. Because the proofing improves the current generation and hence enhance the efficiency of the machine.

Thus, it is good to seek reliable energy thereby reducing the burden of the government to balance the electricity production balance, but it is even more important to properly maintain the product for the longer run. The solar panel should also not instigate maintenance costs every now and then and it needs protection which can be given by the solar panel proofing method. This technique has its wide benefits and positive impacts. So, it is time to check your roof.

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