Commercial and Office Cleaning Promotes Health and Productivity

Commercial and office cleaning is a necessity in today’s businesses ranging from health and fitness centers, car dealerships and schools to healthcare facilities, restaurants and insurance agencies. Even banks, boutiques, salons and warehouses require commercial cleaning services that promote health, productivity and profitability.

Hiring a commercial service is essential for cleanliness, minimizing the potential for disease outbreaks, and maintaining a business’s image. Commercial and office cleaning services have specially trained personnel, many of whom specialize in specific areas to accommodate requirements in schools, restaurants, supermarkets and gyms where an increased potential for the spread of infectious conditions exists.

Office cleaning may seem like a simple procedure, but it’s more complex than most people think. A professional office cleaner will perform traditional tasks and they disinfect bathrooms, kitchen areas and break room facilities. Office cleaners will leave offices cobweb-free and provide spot cleaning for areas on doors, walls and carpeting. They may also provide buffing and waxing for certain types of flooring.

Many commercial and office cleaning franchises offer exterior cleaning of businesses and buildings to ensure a professional appearance. Services may also include the removal of graffiti, cleaning difficult-to-reach windows, pest control and environmentally-friendly practices such as customized recycling programs.

Commercial services can encompass cleaning and maintenance of acoustic ceiling tiles, heating, cooling, filtration and ventilation systems. Hiring a commercial cleaning service ensures a safe workplace and can actually contribute to fewer employee absences due to health-related concerns. Studies have demonstrated that a dirty work environment has a long-term effect on cognitive abilities. Employees are happier, healthier and more productive in clean surroundings.

Many businesses and organizations don’t realize the benefits that come with hiring a professional cleaning service or the advantages in time and savings. Commercial cleaning specialists also provide services for governmental buildings, bars, medical offices and labs, libraries and archival facilities.

Hiring a commercial and office cleaning service provides clients with a higher quality of cleanliness in any workplace. Cleaning professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and specialized cleaning formulas needed for specific requirements. Commercial cleaning companies will also work with clients to provide custom solutions that leave any business clean, sanitized, healthy and smelling fresh.

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